Manual career choice United Kingdom Royal brand Barbour wax jacket uk turned

Get three certification, with over 120 years of history of the Royal family, United Kingdom brand Barbour has been praised by fashion celebrities like; this season’s spring/summer 2014 Barbour Japan Select with the Japan team, playing all kinds of classic. Slim Line series which attempts to use the paint coating cotton for the first time, the coat is “leather” shiny, neat draping style, more in line with Asia’s body proportions, and match bold Brights, desist from branding give the impression of low intensity.

Combination of rugged and yuppie
Derived from the 1980 ‘s, Barbour Bedale series early in the riding, and other outdoor leisure, not only waterproof and buckles two-way zipper design, even wear gloves easy push-pull, and lightweight barbour sale design in line with the spring and summer outdoor activities, set gentleman yuppie in a, along with the rise of retro, popular with United Kingdom rock and European fashion celebrities welcome.
Classic Barbour International series but this time is different from the winter wax model, wax made of lightweight cotton classic biker feeling lighter in spring and summer, but retained the classic design, contains a pocket to place a compass or maps, and waist trim, belt and collar design.

barbour wax jacket

Barbour classic is the most popular style, probably not belong to tarpaulin jacket! This paragraph coat birth Yu brand founder John Barbour of hand, he hope can provides hard out of sailor enough to cold of clothing, in lack technology technology of 1894, fisherman are most wearing coated Shang a layer fish oil of clothing, although than not waterproof of sweater more real wear, encountered winds or waves Shi still not enough to resist, so John Barbour will attempts to with in will cotton material woven yarn Shi, on first and paraffin mixed processing again made cloth, barbour quilted jacket became commonly known as tarps of coated wax cloth, Soon its waterproof, windproof, warm, breathable characteristics make Barbour fame, by the many people in need of travelling outside favorite, such as hunter or Knight; during the second world war, Barbour tarpaulin jacket or become a United Kingdom naval standard.

Even the Gentleman:A Bernhard Roetzel, author of the book Timeless Fashion, this much celebrity and Royal brands comments: “Barbour jacket is the ticket to European high society, even in an advanced shop arrogance and exclusion, customers who wear Barbour wax jacket mens will be deemed to be” dressed “and a lot less eyes. 」

Other than the classic tarpaulin jacket, Barbour also actively cooperate with other celebrities, brand consistent image, the past and the Hollywood action Star Steve McQueen joint machine series barbour jackets online uk popular, recently invited Taiwan designer Wu Riyun designed ladies corsage and a gentleman bow tie.

Brought this unique cross-border joint experience, said Wu Riyun, hoping to give the brand more youthful air, “bow tie originated in 17th century Europe, the special Diamond Diamond knot (Diamond Point Bow Tie) for the barbour wax jacket ebay design, hope to the century-old classic brand Barbour young taste, design elements using the Barbour classic plaid fabric of England, accompanied by Wu Riyun AUSTIN brand of the same name. W custom gold jewelry, gold for the United Kingdom the Royal soldier’s image. Corsage parts Barbour quilted jacket mens compose with lace, women romantic style.

Today, the tarpaulin jacket is no longer limited to need sailors, fishermen, sailors, hunters use and no longer a member of the Royal family collection, but show the Joker of casual fashion items, such as the Beckham family mentioned above, actress Natalie Portman Natalie Portman, aimashidong Emma Stone, aimahuasen Emma Watson, and kelisitingshiduhua Kristen Stewart, and Daniel Craig Daniel Craig, and Zhanmusimaiaiwei James McAvoy, and yiwangmaikuige Ewan McGregor, Jason Shi Tasen Jason Statham, and others, are all fans of Barbour tarpaulin jacket.

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